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NE is well known for its agriculture, supplying an abundance of rich food crop farms, which disclose landscape. As a bonus for lovers of the grape vines – it is among the flowering crops, especially in the eastern part of the state. The merger of the Platte and Missouri rivers creates a gorgeous valley and the ideal environment for the growth of the number of wineries Nebraska, who are just waiting for your visit.
Let’s take a closer look at the Nebraska wine industry, as well as Omaha and study abroad.
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wine Nebraska

Nebraska, like other countries in the south-west, has a long tradition of grape growing and winemaking. Before the ban more than 5,000 acres of grapes spread in the village of Nebraska. Since the mid 80-ies., Nebraska’s wine industry began to fly, and now there are wineries in all regions of the state.
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Although most people associate the Nebraska countryside with miles of flat cornfields, this image is at best misleading. It is interesting to note that in Nebraska has several different microclimates. Especially it concerns the eastern part of the state, home to Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska’s two largest cities.
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Currently, Nebraska has more than 25 wineries, and almost all rely on the cultivation of fruit and grapes in Nebraska, to create wines that are rapidly becoming known and respected by consumers of wine and wine presses. We discussed the wine industry in Nebraska Kerry Potter, executive director of the Association of wine producers and grape growers Nebraska, who shared the promising news about the industry. Plans to officially appoint one or several wine routes in Nebraska with the cooperation and support of the Nebraska Department of Tourism and tourism.
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People often ask us, “How wine from a northwestern state may be significantly different from another?”. The answer is simple – the soil. Different climatic and geophysical conditions bring different flavors of grape, and this is an exciting discovery to obtain the final result.
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From all this, we visited five distilleries in the region Nebraska metro covering Omaha, located along the Missouri River, and the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska, in less than an hour away.
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Come join us as we learn more about wine Omaha, Lincoln, and Nebraska.

Opening for Omaha

It is also convenient to get to Omaha. Located directly in the middle of the country, you will find Omaha off Interstate 80, moving along the east / west and Interstate 29 to the north / south.
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And once you are back, you’ll understand why so many people talk about Omaha favorably. The city center is compact and easy to navigate, with many dining options and entertainment. Here, the story says, even if the city is growing and goes into high technology. Most genuine smiles and hospitality of the north-west is alive and well.
We arrived in the middle of the morning, trying to see some of the sights of Omaha before the wine tasting dinner.

Coordination Omaha downtown center with a & # 39 is the Old Market area, distinguished historic area with original brick streets filled with shops and restaurants. We planned dinner at the Old Market, so we went to the Gardens Lavryttsen, on the south side of Omaha and close to Henry Doorly Zoo and Rosenblatt Stadium, home to the College World Series baseball.
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Lavryttsen Garden, Botanical Gardens Omaha – is 100 acres of tranquility acres, perfect for small classes on foot. Play amid rose gardens, a Victorian garden, arboretum or flower hall. After lunch in the cafe and Johnny Steak House, Omaha wonderful tradition since 1922, it is time to study the ongoing relationship with the Omaha Missouri River on the River Sever River.
On the Missouri River

At this hour cruise on the Missouri, you will slide along the waterfront parks Omaha, including Lewis and Clark pier. This acre park on 23 acres – one of the gathering places of Omaha, where the board on top of the wall of the river, marina and night music in season. You will also be gardens and fountains Heartland of America, Omaha skyline and downtown Blefs Iowa just across the river.
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Distillery Area Omaha

With most of the day ahead of us, we set out to explore two wineries Omaha.

Coming south of Omaha metro area is transformed into a rich river valley. In this way a wide stretch of the farm. It is easy to understand why agriculture is thriving here because Missouri River and the fertile soil on the & # 39; combine to provide a rich harvest.
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Just 15 minutes south of Omaha in the middle of this beautiful valley you will find vineyards Palyayuchyh Wings. Since 2003, the family & # 39; I Shaw operates the 11-acre vineyard and winery on the land, which was the former settlement of Indians. At the site of numerous artifacts have been found, and from the 1800s, the main occupation of farming.
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Tasting room and outside veranda here – the perfect way to spend a few hours on a sunny day. Inside or outside you panoramic views of the surrounding valley. You can buy wine with a glass of Soaring Wings, in partnership with the Nebraska cheese, sausage and other delicacies. Local ornaments adorn the walls, and “Soaring Wings” holds live music on Friday and Sunday night.
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Going to the tasting area, we were pleased to see so many different styles. Wines Soaring Wings have won nearly 150 medals in international competitions, so chances are that you have chosen, like your taste. Our favorite was a little dry red, a special reserve Sainte-Croix. This wine is rich and hearty, made from grapes with dark fruit bouquet.
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For all ryzlingu lovers, go to the Winter White, Palyayuchyya Wings and # 39; the most popular wine. This wine offers a sweet, perfectly balanced with clear characteristics of a good rylinga. Slightly sweet red, there is Mystic Red, absolutely a broken fruit.
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Further south, about 50 minutes from Omaha in Nebraska, sitting Kimmel garden and vineyard. It is a popular place has a long history dating back to 1925.

Located on 90 acres of fertile farmland Missouri Valley, Garden and Vineyard Kimmel devoted to agricultural education, agro-tourism and the preservation of history. According to their research site conducted programs and classes at the University of Nebraska, and throughout the year there are numerous events for the general public. Kimmel also & # 39 is the main partner of the Arbor Day Foundation.
During our visit we visited the vineyard and learned that grapes bloom in the corner of Nebraska. You’ll find vines Lacrosse, Concord, and Shamburtsyn vigneulles. Elsewhere on the special trail two miles, which Vie through the site, you will come across a demonstration of cider, as well as fruit and vegetable picking. Stop and enjoy the view on one of the many benches or picnic tables.
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You can easily spend most of the day in a fruit garden Kimmel, closing stop in the apple sheds for wine tasting. For lovers of white wine, try LaCrosse, semi-sweet gem with aromas of melon and pear. Or have fun with the apple cider wine made from cider apples grown here.
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Keeping the best for last, we went into the red wine mode orchard Kimmel DeChaunac. This French hybrid grape produces dry red wine made bold, saturated and saturated. No less satisfying was Shamburtsyn and one of our personal favorites. This wine offers an excellent balance of dark fruit flavors with a lively sharp blow.
night Omaha

With joyful hour and dinner in our sights, we headed back to Omaha city center, destination Old Market area.

As the heart of Omaha, The Old Market offers unique shops, local restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, as well as enough of arts and entertainment, so you have not been occupied for a few hours. The four blocks have restored warehouses, old-fashioned lighting and authentic brick street. Rich in history, but modern and contemporary, Old Market – Omaha is in the best case.
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Located in the Old Market, stop to shop in The Everything Them, an art gallery with prints, ornaments and historical gifts. Or look for a cold in the restaurant “Old Bari About the market.” For a world-class wine, there is a pub M & # 39; s, the old market, which is a & # 39 is the main product for over 30 years.
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Omaha has long been known as a haven for great steaks, and, with that in mind, we stopped at the brewery “upstream” to drink and dine. Name, located in a renovated fireplace, a rising name derives from the original values ​​of the Indians word “Omaha”, which means upstream or against the tide.
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Beer is exceptional. We started with the panelists, 4 oz. a sample of the whole. Easy Coryphaeus – blonde Gold Coast, and US wheat – high level hefevayzena and ESB fire-house – the delight of malt. For something a little edgier, try the fresh and cheerful Indian Pale But either my favorite, thick and creamy Blackstone-Stout, named after the iconic hotel Omaha yore.
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After lunch, you can explore other options for nightlife in the Old Market or take a tour on the trolley. Away from the city center, on Dodge Street, Omaha, the main highway in the east / west, there are numerous nightlife, entertainment and food.


After a morning filled with more attractions Omaha, we hopped on Interstate 80 west for a short journey to Lincoln. Back in the late 1990s, we visited his first visit to the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska, is less than an hour from Omaha. You do not need a token run or GPS, so you know that you are close to Lincoln … just look at the horizon, and you will see how Capitol Building Nebraska rises.

Lincoln – hardy and lively city, home not only to the state government, but also the University of Nebraska. Here football controls the lively atmosphere on campus and in the city center. When planning a night, we had enough time to study society.

In the area of ​​Lincoln are the three most well-known wineries Nebraska. We were able to visit one in our first day, and the other two the next day. But first in the order was a little sightseeing. Let explore Lincoln …

Top and haymaking

Our first stop in Lincoln was the Capitol building in Art Deco style, one of the most unique and stylish in the US, built from 1922 to 1932, costing 10 million dollars, building majestic four-meter domed towers and a low prevalence database contains art objects of the external and internal art, representing the natural, social and political development of Nebraska. Be sure to visit the observation deck of the 14th floor to get a beautiful view of the Lincoln and the surrounding area.

It is less than a mile away in the center of one of the main attractions of Lincoln’s historic hay field. Named after the historical market square, created in the late 1800s, the Lincoln city center with the & # 39 is a trade and dining magnet. One of our favorite shops here – Nebraska, gift shop, in which all kinds of products of local production, including wine Nebraska. In fact, there is even a tasting bar, so you can do, how we are, and try wines from wineries across the state.

Classic country and the prime minister’s & # 39; er Lincoln

In the afternoon visit the winery plans demanded outside the city, so a quick lunch was in order. We learned about a small local fast food chain called Runza Restaurants of Lincoln Convention and visitors, and were able to find a branch Runzy on the way to the winery.

Therefore, there is a review of what the restaurants Runza invented “Classic Lincoln more than 50 years.” You must try the original Runza sandwich. This fresh dough, stuffed with corned beef corrected, twisted and baked … It’s something like the intersection between the wrap and buryto. And do not miss the onion rings in Runza – they doubled, perfectly crispy and so tasty!

The Lincoln could easily get around it, and a very short ride brought us to the wine house Prime Country, a few miles southwest of Lincoln in the town of Denton.

Prem & # 39; er-country – a true taste of Nebraska, as each wine is made from grapes grown on the site. The vineyard has grapes DeChaunac, LaCrosse, Concord, Edelweiss and St. Louis Vincent, and the end product is used in the self-wines or multimodal grades.

We felt like this starring rosy guilt, especially “Denton Blush”, medium dry wine, made from an equal mixture of red and white grapes. Thinking about wine to spartsitstsa with steak, we tried and purchased Nebraska Red, affirmative dry red made from grapes Dehaun.

Prime Country offers up a dozen wines – from white to red and from dry to sweet. They will welcome your visit all year round.

The first winery the next day Deer Springs Winery is located in a quiet country, located to the northeast of the Lincoln. We were looking forward to visit here because, as the Prime Minister’s & # 39; er-winery Prime Country, most of the wines in the Deer Springs made with grapes grown on the site. A family operation, wine-tasting room Deer Creek is located in a beautifully restored house padvor & # 39; I was late 1800. There is a well-maintained outdoor area to sit and enjoy a bottle of wine or a picnic, but in the spring and summer months, a variety of events.

Deer Springs offers a full line of red and white, so there are many options. But we particularly recommend two white wines, Brianna and Firefly White. Both wines Semi-dry with a touch of sweetness, but the most impressive features of both of the & # 39 are tropical fruit aromas. Prairie Sunrise was another winner, a little more than a dry, almost in the style of Chardonnay.

Our favorite Red Deer Springs wine was a show preryyskim between sunset and autumn forest (love those names!). Prairie Sunset – a mixture of vintage St. Patrick St. Vincent and St. Vincent Croy, deep purple color, with aromas of dark ripe plums. Autumn Woods checks into the dryer, from smoky and sharp characteristics that made us think of the pairing of steak or barbecue. Several bottles have been added to our collection blossoming wine Nebraska!

Our last winery on this trip was the biggest and one of the most famous vineyards of James Arthur James Arthur, opened in 1997 in the town of Raymond, and just 15 minutes from Lincoln.

Located in the hilly countryside, adjacent to 20 acres of vineyards, James Arthur Vineyards offers a lot of space on their large enclosed porch or in the shade of three arbors. Enjoy a bottle of wine outside in a pair with one of several eateries baskets filled with special food directly from local purveyors Nebraska.

We enjoyed one of the most interesting wines that we tried that day trips to Nebrastsy. This white wine Snowy Egret, made from a grape called Geyzenhaym. Slightly sweet, with the unmistakable aroma of grapefruit and dance, it is a very unique style and very drinkable. The best thing is that revenue for every bottle sold is donated Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

It is also interesting was the San Realta, red wine almost Sangre style. Winery staff calls San Realto red wine for people who do not like dry red. It is made from grapes with a small amount DeChaunac Concord grape, which is added for sweetness. And then there Gamebird White, a little twig and complex, made from grapes of St. Pepin, which is grown in the vineyard of James Arthur.

James Arthur Vineyards will deliver their wine (depending on where you live), so enter, order and try the real taste of Nebraska.

Reflections on Nebraska

Opening wine a lot of fun, and Nebraska wine for us was a great discovery. Before this trip we had never tasted wine Nebraska. Winemakers here are proud of their work, and we were particularly struck by their desire to use local grapes in the wine-making process. And with delivery rules gradually zmyakchatstsa, taste the wine Nebraska is more convenient than ever.

At some point, we plan to go back and explore the rest of the wineries Nebraska. In the western Nebrastsy there are several, and several more in the planning stages. Winegrowers Association and grape growers of Nebraska is moving forward with the propaganda of ideas to help market and support the state wine industry, which will undoubtedly increase the profile of wines Nebraska.

If your travel plans take you along the south-west on Interstate 80, do not forget to stop in Omaha and Lincoln. We really enjoyed the excellent food, local attractions and, above all, genuine hospitality in the southwest.
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Missouri, parks and camp camp


Missouri – a beautiful state in the region, the US Midwest. The state is named after the Missouri River. It is the 18th largest state in the US population. This state is surrounded by Iowa in the north, the Mississippi River, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee to the east, south Arkansas and Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska to the west. This place has a humid continental climate with cold winters and hot and humid summers. It is a well-known tourist destinations.

Missouri has a number of campsites that provide a great experience for all camping enthusiasts. Some of the fine campgrounds of this state are listed:

1. JJ Campground

Camping JJ is conveniently located on the road Scott. This campsite has an excellent suburban environment, and guests can enjoy the magnificent views and tranquil surroundings of the camping. There are 40 sites with 20, 30 and 50 amps. We provide vacationers a laundry, toilets, showers, Wi-Fi, liquefied gas, basketball, pool and playground.

2. Park and Pony Express RV camping

Park and camping Pony Express RV – this is a great place for camping enthusiasts. This is a family campsite, which is located on 100 acres of beautiful countryside. This place is cozy, clean and safe.

3. Cozy camping C RV

Cozy C RV Campground is ideally situated in Bowling Green, Missouri. This campground is open throughout the year. It operates 45 sites with full hook-ups, which are well equipped with 20, 30 and 17 on the & # 39 facilities with a service of 50 amps. Leisure facilities are available, such as laundry, restrooms, showers, Wi-Fi, picnic tables, bathrooms and playground. You will love here.

4. Camping Mark Twain Cave

Camping Mark Twain Cave – another excellent camping. It is nested in a quiet village. This campground is open throughout the year. There is a full connection sites that provide water and electricity. It is ideal for inspection and study of caves. If you are adventurous, you'll love this campsite.

5. Crooked Creek campsite

Crooked Creek Campground – Family camping in the heart of Missouri. This campground offers full connectivity at 50 amp draw sites for campers. This campground provides a thrilling experience for all lovers of outdoor adventure.

Well, this is some of the famous camping sites, which provide excellent convenience of the visitors. Do not forget to visit them on your next trip to Missouri.


How to protect your car from hail damage


With the blossoming of which occurs in May and September, with hail & # 39 is the unfortunate side effect of the summer heat. It is caused when strong air movement upwards during an electrical storm combined with a reduced freezing level height. Some states have seen hail (in particular, the area where there are Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming, which is known as the alley with hail), some – do not. Some hail very large (up to 7.9 inches in diameter), but the majority is very small. But even small chain can cause great harm.

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Next, look at your surroundings. If your parking lot with a & # 39 is flexible and has a number of buildings that can act as a shield to block the hail, park your vehicle in such a way that it is protected. Easy to do and without the money spent!

But if you can not be better to park and you do not have automobile coverage, try our third solution: to use the mats as shields. They certainly will not cover the car completely and it is possible that they simply explode (so do not try this during a very windy storm), but if the conditions needed for the floor mats are thick and strong enough to provide coverage. In addition, they are very conveniently located.

Finally, when the storm is close, and you are desperately trying to ask how to protect the vehicle from damage hail, start looking around your house something suitable. They can work hard and dense blankets and towels. It all depends on the size of the hail. Do what you can, using blankets, old pillows or perhaps a raft in a swimming pool.

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If your wife has filed a divorce against you in a position where you do not live or ever lived, it is important that you immediately objected to the agenda, to establish that the State has no jurisdiction over you. It dismiss the case and make your wife the right to apply to the state in which you reside.


third grace


Just as Paul preaches on Mars Hill when this wonderful debut novel weaves the modern history of the selection. What elections? The same as people on Mars Hill … believed in various idols, or in the One True God. Mary Grace grew up on a farm with his brothers and sisters in Nebraska. At a young age she decided that she wanted to live in the city. A young man from France, came to live with Mary Grace and her family & # 39; s as an exchange student, when suddenly there was an event that forever changed life.

Mary Grace changed her name to one of the three goddesses depicted in the charter, known as the Three grace. Mary Grace was raised in a strong Christian home with his brothers and sisters, but the young man from abroad introduced her to Greek mythology. All through Francois & # 39; during a short stay, he was the center of attention with regard to Mary Grace. They share some private moments together, but with gratitude every time someone or someone interferes Mary Grace go into dangerous waters. Later in his young adulthood Mary Grace knew how it was protected by God, when I learned about other events, which were attended by Francois.

Working on stage costumes, little formal learning in school, Mary Grace, known as Aglaia, he has earned a reputation that has attracted attention from all over the world. Her knowledge and skills in tailoring, selection of materials and an accurate costumes deserve a lot of respect when she was working in a private company. Mary was carrying a secret love or is it lust? When her mother found out that she was going to Paris to present one of the costumes for a demonstration, she hands Francois & # 39; The Bible will come back to it and drives the heart and life events.

Lou – a woman who moves pride and shamelessly uses people for its benefits. professor at the university – it's not what he wants Lou. She sublimely arrogant and weaves a web, to discourage Aglaia in ways that are hidden and are intended only for her own pleasure and stay at the university. Lou wants Aglaia at the university to teach or make costumes or have any evil plans to ruin your life? Whose lives will be changed? Naomi, her best friend since they were little girls, trying to fix the damaged relationship with her. Why? What is the secret of Naomi he never told her best friend? Why Naomi & # 39; went to the day when Mary Grace's brother Joel was going to have a rest?

Author of & # 39; brings together many threads to weave a very exciting and poignant story of choice, forgiveness, love, and more. Readers will enjoy this story from the first page until the end. get a copy third grace , Have a drink and enjoy the fresh and unique stories.

My rating is 4 ½ stars.


Bilingual activities for children during Hispanic Heritage


Parents across the country often do not even know the meaning or reason standing in the national Hispanic Heritage month. He celebrated 39 years since September 17, 2007. On this day the law was passed in 1968, which set aside a week to honor Hispanic citizens. Later, the 100th of the & # 39 entrance took public law increased the celebration period to 31 days. This year, the Moon National Hispanic Heritage runs from 15 September 2007 to 15 October.

Initiative of the Moon National Hispanic Heritage – this recognition more than 44.3 million Americans of Hispanic origin, which is more than 15% of our population. 31 day observation marks Independence Day for many Latin American countries, including El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras which celebrate September 15 as Independence Day. On September 16, Mexico's Independence Day, September 18 in Chile, 21 September in Belize and El Dia de La Raza (Columbus Day) – 12 October.

Spanish language & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of family life, and 32.2 million seven & # 39; ads speak Spanish at home. We believe that Texas leads the country with 29% of residents who speak Spanish at home. Now twenty-two states reported that their biggest minority – Hispanic: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming.

Why is it important to know and pass on to their children? Because we live in a very global society, and we, as parents and as educators, we bear appreciation and understanding of the cultures and languages ​​of other people in the lives of our young children.

Moon National Hispanic Heritage – a great opportunity to introduce children to the language and the culture that surrounds them every day in their homes, pre-schools, kindergartens and primary school facilities. Research shows that children who learn a second language, even before they have mastered their own language, with a & # 39 are the best readers, and it puts them on the path of success in their studies.

To the Moon National Hispanic Heritage there are many events that will bring a message of understanding, unity and commonality as all ethnic groups raise their voices in song and fun. Read on to find four that focus on food, fitness, language and arts and crafts.

Foods with a & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of life in Latin America. Cooking – it is a social time in seven Latin American & # 39; holes, and adhering to recipes specific to Latin America, to revive the Spanish for your child. Continuing fitness classes, allow you and your child to get up and go to a bilingual song about not eight, not twelve, and about twenty body parts in Spanish and English!

Counting and language learning combine to make this a favorite activity for parents, teachers and seven & # 39; ads homes. Children create their own bilingual book with the numbers, singing a song popular bilingual children about counting. Occupation immediately transforms your home into the classroom. Children learn about maracas, an instrument from our Hispanic friends. During the event, where the children make their own maracas and celebrate birthdays with a bilingual version of the song "Birthday".

Repetition and entertainment – keys to learning. If you add a little bit of rhythm and a lot of movement, then learning becomes magical for our young children.


Add vigor to your home decor with Curves velvet stretched round the Ottomans!


The simple idea of ​​decorating, for example, the use of the living room of tomatoes, can do wonders for your home decor. Every homeowner would love to have a home of their inter & # 39; er was made in such a flavor that visitors simply green with envy. The house is designed with unique furniture, able to attract attention. Ottoman – is one such piece of furniture that can add that unique touch that also serves several purposes.

With this in mind, we offer a round ottoman Office Star, which offers furniture Nebraska Furniture. We believe that the current round taftyng give a warm and intimate view of your home inter & # 39; career and revive almost any room.

Among the three major forms the ottoman, most have a rounded edge rounded soft top, which contrasts well with the usual sharp edges of other furniture and hence a & # 39 is the main center of the room. Finding a place to put your furniture with sharp edges can be complicated. But round the soft top with soft edges, having Office Star Takhtarov round, giving him the flexibility to accommodate virtually anywhere in the room.

To add a round shape, Office Star Round tahet with accents natachanyh buttons to make it elegant piece to add style and elegance to your inter & # 39; career. Not only that, when you arrive home after a hard work day, Curves velvet shcharbinnyya round ottoman with screwed penalnay Dacron pillow offers you a great comfort and relaxation.

Round Office Star tahet designed with high performance, easy maintenance, which promises long life and, of course, does not require a lot of time for her service.

If you want to decorate your home inter & # 39; er it is very stylish and a grand piece of furniture, do not think more, just stop at NFM, promising to get a deal.