In what condition I can apply for a divorce with his wife?


Sometimes you and your wife can not live in one state, depending on the situation you are in, when you apply for a divorce. For example, if you live in Omaha, Nebraska, and your wife had moved into an apartment in Council Bluffs, Iowa, you are dealing with two different jurisdictions of the state. Thus, if this is the case for you, what state you grant the divorce papers?

In most cases, you fall for divorce against his wife in the state in which you live. This is because you can apply for a divorce in your state if you live there, your husband lives there, either you or your husband – soldiers.

Sometimes you will have to deal with his ex-wife, who falls against you and falls into a state where you've never lived. In this case, you want to avoid response to the action, because if you do this, you make sure that the personal jurisdiction is proper. This will allow you to create a huge hassle relating to divorce in another state, so either apply for a divorce to his wife, or make sure that you fully understand the rules of personal jurisdiction in your state.

If your wife has filed a divorce against you in a position where you do not live or ever lived, it is important that you immediately objected to the agenda, to establish that the State has no jurisdiction over you. It dismiss the case and make your wife the right to apply to the state in which you reside.