Help on the taxation of tax debt – Taxation of voluntary, so learn your rights and get rid of IRS tax debt forever!


Get free from the IRS tax debt forever!

Taxation of voluntary, not mandatory!

"Like it or not, you are a slave You acknowledge that you are a slave every April 15 That is, if you sign a questionnaire that voluntarily expose the government to the most private details of your.." Few people realize that the income tax – a tax on the servant. It can never be compatible with the free people of life. "

Ambassador Dr. Alan Keys

Each year millions of Americans fill the 1040-form and send it to the IRS, along with many of them earned dollars or get a discount & # 39; IRS money extorted from them before. We all said that we have to do it, we & # 39; earned & # 39; more than any artificial threshold set internally IRS.

But this is a lie. Even the Supreme Court has repeatedly acknowledged that taxation with & # 39 is a voluntary action:

  • Income tax – voluntary – Flora against the United States, 362 US 145 (1960)
  • Right to work in nereglamentavanym training – a basic right, not a tax, Murdoch against Pennsylvania (319 US 105 at 113 (1943), Butchers Union v Crescent City Co (111 US 746 at 756-767 (1884), Coppage v Kansas ( US 1 236 at 14 (1916), Meyer v Nebraska (US 262 390, 399, 400 (1923)

And this is only the beginning. Even the IRS acknowledges this:

"Two aspects of the federal system of income tax – voluntary compliance of tax law and self-esteem – do for you important to understand your rights and obligations as a taxpayer you have to decide, the law requires you to submit the declaration in this case, you must submit the declaration date.. owned. " (IRS Publication № 21)

So why is it illegal to IRS come after you for the money?

If you fill out Form 1040 and submit it to the IRS, where do you think your money is going? You probably think that this is going to pay for those or other public services, right? Wrong! Every cent that you send to the IRS, used to pay principal and interest in the private Federal Reserve Bank against artificially created by the bankruptcy of the municipal enterprise USA.

What happened? April 9, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the US bankruptcy. Bankrupt? To whom do we owe money? Federal Reserve Bank in the private ownership. In 1913, 12 senators voted in favor of adoption of the law on the Federal Reserve Banking. This unconstitutional act translated monetary system of the country in the private Federal Reserve Bank.

However, you do not have to pay taxes – ever. All you need to do is provide the desired form in the IRS, and you'll never have to worry about them. You never have to file a 1040. No special requirements. All you need to do is to be a citizen, tarnish and breathe oxygen! Learn the law and make it work for you!

If you know your rights, you can be free. Live free now! Get help with IRS debts and liquidate your debt IRS forever! Find out what you need to know, and will cease to live slaves of the loan that is not yours! It really is that simple. IRS has no legal right to harass you, threaten you and take a center of your money!

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