Rode like? For this you can thank Bafalu Bill Cody

Are you one of the millions of Americans who enjoy a good rodeo? Have you ever ordered gear from Rode, from saddles and ropes to Rode socks of various kinds? You can thank Bafalu Bill Cody for his role in the "invention" or, at least, popularization of modern rodeo.

Across America Rode fans and participants from children to old-timers like such celebrations on the horse and the old West as the annual "Days of borders," the rodeo in high school or college and other competitions of equestrian skill and craftsmanship cowboy. (I myself am not a fan of the rodeo, even though I was a few and was a cousin who was a bona fide professional clown Rhodes.) I know that there is a professional circuit rodeo, which has existed for a long time, professional Rode Cowboys Association (the PRCA), as well as, cowboys and renchavyya hands everywhere with pleasure demonstrate their skills and rise to the challenge suras & # 39; oznay competition Rode across America.

But what I did not know whether it was William F. ( "Buffalo Bill") Cody, one of the truly "heroic" figures of the Old West, he played a major role in the invention and development of the modern rodeo. It started when he was in the summer of 1882 he returned to his hometown of North Platte, Nebraska, to find that the city is not doing anything to celebrate the Fourth of July. He blushed from this fact, giving the mayor of North Platte and other city leaders know that, in his opinion, the lack of a big celebration for the quarter was just unpatriotic. They turned to Cody and appointed him to work to come up with something.

It is this festival in July, the fourth named Buffalo Bill "Old Glory Bang" – is attributed as the beginning of the touring show Cody in the US, which became his full-fledged "Wild West Show", as well as the beginning of the general community, the official rodeo.

Of course, Rhodes began long before the day of Cody, when gathered together, and demonstrates the skills of riding and rope, when the cattle were collected; and even organized competitions in which cowboys and other skilled racers on display and competing with each other. But several sources credited Cody "Old Glory Blowout" North fee is the Fourth of July as the initial point of the annual Rode for the whole society and the growth of interest in kind in the world.

For more information about Cody and excellent information about life in the Old West, I would recommend two wonderful books. Chances are you can find them at your local bookstore, or on or eBay. The first – "The Life and Legend of Buffalo Bill," Don Russell (copyright 1960, University of Oklahoma Press). Cody was one of the most fascinating characters in the Old West, and this book has an incredible history and solid information about it. The second book, which should have about Cody – "Buffalo Bill Cody: The man behind the legend" Robert A. Carter (copyrighted in 2000, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). Carter's book, probably the best of both because it is based on more recent sources. I highly recommend both books.

So the next time you order a saddle, a few ropes or any equipment for horses and Rode, think about old Bill Cody. He did not finish, but I hope he will be satisfied!