How to protect your car from hail damage


With the blossoming of which occurs in May and September, with hail & # 39 is the unfortunate side effect of the summer heat. It is caused when strong air movement upwards during an electrical storm combined with a reduced freezing level height. Some states have seen hail (in particular, the area where there are Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming, which is known as the alley with hail), some – do not. Some hail very large (up to 7.9 inches in diameter), but the majority is very small. But even small chain can cause great harm.

If you do not have a garage or other protective coating should monitor the machine during grad. Read on to learn how to protect your car from hail damage before it happens. You will be so glad that you do not have to worry about contacting an insurance agency or a mechanic.

First, consider the issue of purchase of car covers. Built specifically to protect cars from damage, car cover – it is very senseless decision for your team. Sometimes you can even find them specially designed for models and manufacturing your vehicle. However, the car cover can be expensive, and it also concerns. But if your car is especially dear or expensive for you, it may be worth it. You can even look into the tread hail fashioned external airbag that inflates to protect the vehicle from damage due to hail.

Next, look at your surroundings. If your parking lot with a & # 39 is flexible and has a number of buildings that can act as a shield to block the hail, park your vehicle in such a way that it is protected. Easy to do and without the money spent!

But if you can not be better to park and you do not have automobile coverage, try our third solution: to use the mats as shields. They certainly will not cover the car completely and it is possible that they simply explode (so do not try this during a very windy storm), but if the conditions needed for the floor mats are thick and strong enough to provide coverage. In addition, they are very conveniently located.

Finally, when the storm is close, and you are desperately trying to ask how to protect the vehicle from damage hail, start looking around your house something suitable. They can work hard and dense blankets and towels. It all depends on the size of the hail. Do what you can, using blankets, old pillows or perhaps a raft in a swimming pool.

So how do you protect the car from damage hail? Use professional artwork, impromptu cover or just move it. If your car is detrimental to refer directly to the insurance agency, as well as reputable repair shop.