Guangzhou Budget Hotel:


Guangzhou is a sub-regional city of China. It is the capital of Guangdong Province. It has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are humid at high temperatures and humidity, and winters are mild, dry, and sunny here.

Guangzhou is a famous historic city and the largest industrial center of southern China. There are many cheap hotels located in Guangzhou. The list of such a hotel is as follows:

1. Shifu Guangzhou

Shifu Guangzhou is located on Di Shu Fu Road in Guangzhou's Liwan district. This hotel is a great blend of ancient and modern culture. It gives the guests a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Facilities at this hotel include health and fitness center, spa, sauna, housekeeping, laundry facilities, baby seat, gift shop, baby jacket, housekeeping, travel related services, business center, courier, internet access, ATM, car, safety deposit. box, port, AC area in public areas, swimming, stationary bike, exercise, sunbathing and other outdoor sports.

2. City center

City Center is the famous Holiday Inn, located along Juan Shei Dong. It is a short walk from the New Beaune International Airport and Guangzhou International Exhibition Center. They provide amenities such as health and fitness center, spa, sauna, housekeeping, travel services, live entertainment, outdoor pool, beauty salon, gift shop, baby sitting, printer, email and internet, business center, private limo , technical concierge, internet access, wireless data connection, ice machine, bell tower and safe box. They provide accommodation at a reasonable price.

3. Shand Hotel

The Shengda Hotel is located near Guangzhou Bai Yun Mountain. This first hotel is home to the First Military Medical University and Hitachi Elevator Co. Ltd. This hotel has over 100 types of luxurious rooms that are well furnished and beautifully decorated with woodwork. This hotel provides guests with a relaxed, comfortable and comfortable environment. Restaurant, tour desk, bar, elevator, elevator, spa officer, nightclub, Ac, 24-hour reception and internet access are provided to all who stay here.

4. Chundu Hotel

Chundu Hotel is located in TianHe. Near this hotel there are Eastern Railway Station, Paju International Exhibition Center, TianHe Plaza and more. You can easily reach this hotel because of its convenient location. This hotel has more than 175 rooms. They provide amenities like restaurants, laundry facilities, telephone, fax, travel, bar, elevator, elevator, sanatorium, nightclub, Ac, 24 hour reception, internet access and meeting facilities to those here.

If you decide to make the trip to Guangzhou, staying in any of the hotels above will make your trip unforgettable and cheap.