Work Strain Don't Touch It – Draw it with a laser tag


It is simply the nature of offices and confined workplaces that tensions will occasionally arise between partnerships. The possibility is that they will be neutralized before they become real-world problems or even irreversible consequences. Or … maybe it's just time for some fun team building.

Enter a laser tag. Imaginatively interactive, adrenaline pumping, futuristic office fun for the whole office, especially for the boss. Sure, a manager can be at the crossroads more than a fair share of their time, but never mind that everything is going well.

Lazgam Laser Games is a scene of action, located on the fifth floor of the Holiday Inn, at Sukhumvit 22, in the immediate developing EM district. The quagmire of smoke and traffic jams as you cross the 500-square-mile maze, trying to avoid opponents & # 39; radars as they search for you. Is this a blast from the past, almost expecting the Bee Gees to start loudspeakers? Or a mission to the future. It is up to you and your teammates to choose.

There are a number of different games available. Classic Challenger, with up to 32 players divided into 2 to 6 teams, fighting for popularity and glory; Alien Invasion, designated 2050, aliens capture the city. Blaster Boost, an elite mission that requires bold cunning and stealth; Special agents in which you protect VIPs from enemy forces; and Last Survivors, where you ruthlessly defeat your competitors to survive and win.

Each player sports a multi-level jacket with its own built-in speakers, not to mention your critical laser gun. Then it's every man or woman or every team for himself. You were quickly immersed in the action and amazed at how real all of a sudden it was. You check the information panel in your jacket to see who shot you and where you hit. Fifteen minutes pass in the blink of an eye.

Then it's time to re-register and play again. All of these small office policies evaporate with precision precision laser weapons. Theater is a way to let off steam, to work together and let your imagination run out of everything. Once it was over, everyone was laughing and working as a team again, the psychological work remained on the battlefield.

To conclude, the next time you are in Bangkok for a business meeting or MICE event, make sure you put a pencil in an hour or two to play the laser tag. Corporate laser tag events are available to meet your special needs through group pricing. It is a great way to build leadership and communication skills between partners, and to reward and promote the perfect staff. Remember: Take it out, don't do it and shout.